Below you will find direct links to all articles that are featured in our interviews and articles:

Guest Commentary: The Voice of Practice: How Technology Changes the Conventional Wisdom of Ownership by Erik Chan

Post: The Two Faces of Ownership: Special Section on (Psychological) Ownership and Economic Decisions has arrived! by Bernadette Kamleitner & Stephan Dickert

Guest Post: Exposing myself and my research at conferences – or: I have no dog, but a PhD topic to take care of by Sophie Süssenbach

Guest Post: She’s Proud of It: Psychological Ownership in a Digital World by Colleen P. Kirk

Guest Post: Keeping up with the Joneses: Income Inequality, Status Comeptition and Psychological Ownership by Lukasz Walasek

Russ Belk

Jon L. Pierce

Ori Friedman

Floyd Webster Rudmin

Joann Peck

Graham Brown

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