Fun Facts

Here on this page you will find fun, interesting, scientific, non-scientific, sometimes quaint, sometimes fascinating facts about ownership. This list is not complete and will be extended as we grow. You got anything to add? Feel free to get in touch!


  1. Typing in “ownership” in Google currently yields more than 300 million search results – almost twice as many as “Justin Bieber” gets.
  2. “Psychological ownership” yields over 38 million hits on Google.
  3. There are more than 130 synonyms, more than 100 related terms and 43 antonyms of ownership (
  4. It impacts all kinds of people’s attitudes and behaviors such as citizenship behavior and experienced responsibility (Pierce et al. 2003), job satisfaction, commitment (Avey et al. 2009, Vandewalle et al. 1995), valuation of objects (Franke et al. 2010, Peck & Shu 2009), attachment and more favorible attitudes towards products (Feuchtl & Kamleitner 2009), purchase and loyalty intentions (Fuchs et al. 2010) or positive word-of-mouth intentions (Ramani & Kumar 2008).
  5. Across contemporary literature, control is a key central concept and inseparable when discussing the concept of ownership (Pierce et al. 2001, 2003).
  6. Already centuries ago, philosopher John Locke (1690) said that people are likely to feel ownership for objects they create, shape, produce or control.
  7. That said, a simple touch has the power to increase the perceived ownership of an object (Peck & Shu 2009).
  8. Ownership may be experienced individually or collectively (Jussila & Pierce 2010).
  9. Awareness of ownership rights already emerges in children as young as 2 or 3 years, way before the awareness of other rights such as freedom of speech or religion (Neary & Friedman 2013).
  10. Collaborative consumption and the sharing economy have changed the way we view ownership rights in general (Sundararajan 2013,

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